Flea Treatment in Cornwall and Devon

Flea Infestation is both common place and troublesome to deal with effectively. Shop bought or DIY fumigation attempts as carried out by householders with the use of aerosol sprays or so called smoke bombs generally proves futile and in short simply will have little effect upon an established Flea Infested property.

The host animal, the dog or cat must be treated with a suitable insecticide recommended for the elimination of Fleas upon the animal by a suitably qualified person, (vet) the entire property should then be treated from top to bottom with a suitable high grade insecticidal spray that not only has residual capabilities but also contains insect growth regulating factors. Such chemicals are for professional use only.

Fleas will not hatch from the pupae stage of development until such time that a host to feed upon is nearby, these hosts may be dogs, cats or indeed humans alike. When such hosts are present this can result in the synchronised hatch of many pupae and cause an explosion in Flea numbers.

Flea Treatment Costs From £180.00

Should a secondary treatment be necessary this is carried out at no extra charge.

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