Ant Control in Cornwall and Devon

There are a number of Ant species that are present in the UK. Ghost Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Red Ants, all and any of which people may at some point come into contact with and have nuisance from. But without doubt and by far the most common Ant species that people are likely to have contact with and nuisance from will be the Common Garden Ant.

Garden Ants are a Brownish/Black colour and about 4mm in length (Queen Ants) being much larger at about 10mm. They will as a rule nest outdoors in lawns, flower beds, beneath pathing stones, crevasses in walls or any other suitable hidden away harbourage.

These Ants are commonly known to gain access to the interiors of offices, shops, domestic dwellings or any other form of indoor premises.

During the summer months, winged females (Queens) and males leave the nests and take flight. Garden Ants are then commonly referred to as “Flying Ants”. During this flight the Ants mate, the mated females land, dig into the earth to overwinter and new Ant colonies will then emerge the following spring.
Garden Ant colonies or nests can be large with many hundreds of individual insects to a single colony.

Where Ant colonies are present (Whether outdoors or inside) successful treatment will involve nest location and treatment with suitable chemical agent (Preferred agent, water based high grade insecticidal spray).

Cost of Ant Treatment from £150.00

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