Squirrel Removal and Control in Cornwall

Squirrels are rodents and will readily enter gardens to take advantage of the human activity of feeding the birds. They are well adapt at achieving their goal of getting at whatever may be on the bird feeder or table. If Squirrels gain access to a property they can be both annoying and destructive in their activities. Squirrels can be shot with suitable firearms by a licensed firearms holder and given safe conditions to do so, they can also be trapped with suitable traps (Both instant kill and live catch traps) are suitable for this.

Squirrel removal: £150.00

Squirrel Removal Price. £150.00 NOTE. Grey Squirrels. (If Squirrels are caught in live catch traps they must be humanely dispatched.
Squirrels caught alive and un-harmed MUST NOT be taken away and released elsewhere. This would be illegal)

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