Bed Bug Treatment in Cornwall and Devon

Professional Bed Bug Control Cornwall.

Bed Bugs are common, small redfish-brown, oval in shape and flattened in appearance. Bed Bugs prefer to feed on human blood where possible but they will if need be feed on other warm-blooded animals.

They are generally nocturnal by nature and will hide away in day time hours, commonly in crevices or joints in the bed-frame, around the mattress, on the headboard, behind skirting boards and even in plug sockets. They emerge at night to feed.

Whilst their bites can be irritating and sore Bed Bugs are not known to spread disease nevertheless colonies can be substantial in number.

Bed Bug control Cornwall Cost. £150.00

Bed Bug Control Devon Cost. £150.00

Notoriously difficult to treat, professional treatment strongly recommended

bed bug control cornwall

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