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There are numerous Fly species to be found in the UK and by far the most troublesome species is one known as the Cluster Fly.

Cluster Flies are not to be mistaken for Blow Flies, the large Flies that most households experience through the summer and autumn months flying around the living room areas or kitchen of the house (Blow Flies are often referred to as Bluebottles)

Cluster Flies will live outdoors during the spring to autumn period of the year at which point the adult Flies seek a protected safe place to spend the winter months. Such areas may be wall cavities, roof voids, attic or loft areas. Cluster Fly colonies can be substantial and could total several thousand in number. They are not known to sting or bite but nevertheless they are problematic.

Treatment for Cluster Fly infestation would usually involve fogging or by way of the use of powerful insecticidal smoke generators.

Cluster Fly Treatment From £150.00
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