Rat and Mice Control Cornwall

Both Mice and Rats are rodents, they have similar habits such as breeding cycles, choice of harbourage, activity patterns and a desire to be close to human being inhabited areas.

They do however have worthy of note certain differences.

Mice, even upon gaining access to the interior of properties are more of a nuisance Pest Species than are they a problem or threat. Their presence is often noticed by the sound of scratching in the loft or attic of the property or from behind the walls or even the floors. Other signs of Mice presence in a property are the small, dark, rice grain size droppings that they leave behind in abundance, in cupboards, draws, on the carpets and other floor areas. Droppings can also be found on work surfaces and even on the householders furniture.

Contrary to popular belief Mice are not commonly known to cause structural damage to property. They will gnaw, as do all rodents. Small scale damage can occasionally occur, this would normally consist of the slight chewing of the outer casing to electrical wires or minor damage to woodwork. Other than this, Mice are moreover a nuisance issue (Still to be dealt with) rather than a potential threat.

Rats, on the other hand, are a completely different matter all together.
As with Mice, Rats will readily gain access to human occupied properties. They will again make their presence known by way of scratching sounds being heard in different areas of the property, albeit more noticeable as Rats are considerably larger in size than Mice. Rat droppings again may be found in and around the dwelling but these droppings will be much larger than the rice size droppings of Mice. Rat droppings are also more noticeably torpedo shaped in appearance.
It is indisputable that Rats can and generally do cause structural damage to property. Their gnawing activities are considerable and constant. They can with ease cause serious issues to electrical wires, gnaw or chew through woodwork or walling but not solid brick or block walls. They can dig out and excavate surprisingly large burrows to enlarge their warrens. Rats are also known to carry and spread disease and worthy of note Zoonotic Diseases (Zoonotic Disease) a disease that can bridge the gap between animal host and humans, as human beings we can contract these diseases from Rats.
Rats will contaminate both human and animal food stuffs alike.
Where and whenever Rat infestation is suspected immediate action to resolve the issue is strongly advised.

Cost of Rodent Treatment quoted as per job and on an individual basis as infestation levels are likely to vary.


As is the tendency when it comes to pests, nest areas are usually found in close proximity to food sources.  Cavity walls, lofts and basements are often homes for rats and mice and scratching noises and droppings are tell-tale signs of their presence in your home or business.  Our professional pest control experts use a range of bait traps to take care of rodents and we also use locked traps to safeguard the well-being of children and pets should they be necessary.

A fast response is always key when it comes to rodent control and that’s why we offer a quick, 24/7 service so that response is always available to you. A FREE initial consultation is always provided and we can even provide guidance when it comes to preventative measures so that rodents stay away from your property. It’s a discreet, professional service and given that our pest controllers have 30 years in the trade and are ministry-trained, you can be a confident of a comprehensive solution from Dead Cert Pest Control.

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